Magnified calendar

UIOE’s magnified calendar is a perpetual calendar of which the dates can be changed manually each day.
This magnified calendar consists of month, date and lens.
You can magnify or zoom in on the date by moving the lens sideways.
Magnified date gives the user an impression that it is floating in the air and it can be placed on a desk or shelf as an artistic objet as well.
When we are busy, we often do not remember what date it is today.
In an age when digital devices easily tell us the date, the act of moving the lens and mark the date with our own hands in person reminds us of the flow of time which we have long forgotten.

Magnified calendar comes in two types: clear and frosted acrylic .The material was precisely crafted and the calendar was given a slight angle so that the numbers are properly magnified and clearly visible when placed on a desk or on a shelf.

Multiple prototypes have been designed to make the numbers look wider by adequately comparing the curvature of the lens with magnification ratio.


size : w 250 d 20 h 60 (mm)

material : acrylic

colour : clear, frosted acrylic


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